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Switzerland Wedding Company

Interlaken, Wilderswil, Switzerland,

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Switzerland Wedding Company is your experienced & passionate
partner for:

  • Elopements

Originally meaning “running away from furious and disapproving parents in the dead of night in order to get hitched”, it seems to have shifted to "small destination wedding," "wedding that is not financially
insane," or "wedding that allows us to not invite all the people wewould rather not invite." This certainly differs from the "disapproving parents and sudden questionable decisions" sense of the word (src.
Merriam Webster).

You want to experience a romantic and intimate "get-away" from the world you know with your partner and maybe a few of family members or friends - ideally inmidst the most beautiful natural surroundings
you could ever dream of. 

  • Weddings

Everything is possible. You may choose between one of our curated foundations or let us tailor your completely custom and unique wedding experience. If you choose to create your very own unique dream-come-true event with us, the ideas and options are endless. Extended photography or cinematography, breathtaking decorations, ambrosial gourmet cuisine,transportation methods like horse and carriages, modern or vintage luxury cars, a helicopter flight around the white peaks of the surrounding Swiss Alps or your very own ship on one of our pristine turquoise lakes for a day. 

  • Vow renewals

So, you've been married for a number of years. You are still in love, just as when you first got married. What if you could re-visit that moment in time, when you gave each other your words to be one forever more? The possibilities of vow renewal ceremonies are endless and extremely personal and intimate. Some couples wish to dig up a time capsule they've planted years ago. Others kept a bottle of wine or champagne from their wedding day just for this experience. A vow renewal ceremony, just like your wedding all over again, is about unity, celebration and gratitude. And depending on your personality and
preferences - adventure, luxury and wellness, symbolism or any other aspect you enjoy in life.

  • Photography

Your wedding photographer should be so much more than just someone "capturing your day". Photography is an experience. Your wedding event is an experience. Combine these two, and you get photographically expressed moments of emotion and fun for the rest of your lives. 

Trusted and clear communication is the key to manifesting your vision. We are personally in touch with you from the moment you inquire up until your event - and potentially there after as your newly found friends in the heart of the Swiss Alps.



k kathkeen 2020-08-05 14:03:01

Ocena: 5

Switzerland weddings helped to make our new life a harmonious one. Their customized professional service and individual attention go beyond good. They achieve a 5 star from us!

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