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Po prostu Miłość wedding agency – Aneta Rolek

Rzeszow, Poland,

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My name is Aneta Rolek and I am a wedding planner, wedding creator and wedding lover, all thanks to my passion for music. It was she who led me to the place where I am and where I meet with you.

My love for music and singing has always been in me, for a long time I developed and educated my talent, which I used years ago to decorate my family wedding.

And then it began. The whole adventure with the vocal setting of weddings, which, apart from the celebrations of the closest people, began to reach weddings of young couples completely unknown to me. It was them who trusted me and gave me the opportunity to develop in this field. Thanks to which today my passion is my job. Thanks to which today I reach a step further and beyond the offer I sing LOVE to you I create a place that I have been waiting for a long time, which is simply LOVE Wedding Agency Aneta Rolek, in which I will help you fulfil your wedding dreams. My Agency beyond organizing and creating weddings, and the vocal setting of the wedding consists of one more part: What (more) than LOVE? What more than LOVE? I believe that having love has everything that can be found in life, because having this feeling, each other is easier to find and find. But something more than LOVE? Yes! My Agency has for you rental of illuminated inscriptions such as LOVE, LOVE AND I LOVE.

Life is a journey and it is wonderful to experience it at the side of a loved one, and Wedding is the most important of the stops where the common path "Long and Happily" begins again. Surely you - fiancees in love already have the first ideas and ideas of what this special day should look like, and you know that the preparation of such an important celebration consists of both small and slightly larger activities, which are often overwhelming. That is why I am - eager to meet you, your plans and dreams that will become reality, and facilitate the process of organizing your wedding and reception because I know that there is love between you.



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