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My Little Wedding – Kamila Taracińska

Rzeszow, Poland,

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My name is Kamila Taracińska and I am a wedding consultant.
I finished the Wedding Planner course recommended by the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants in a fantastic Wytwórnia Ślubów. As much as I received there warmth, knowledge and energy for action is indescribable. I've always liked beauty and aesthetics, and the wedding industry is definitely the place where you can enjoy your eyes. I didn't even realize how close this industry was to me until I realized it.

I have already organized more than one event and I can honestly say that I love to do it. I love looking at the beautiful effects of my work and happy people who enjoy the event. I felt that I was amazingly fulfilling it. It can be said that the organization is my middle name and I feel like a fish in water in it. I guess you will guess who at our house always organizes trips, arranges accommodation and plans what, where, and what time? Yes, that's me :)

I am a graduate of logistics, I completed post-graduate studies in e-marketing, and I developed a hobby as a nail stylist. I am currently teaching beginner nail stylists at the Visage School in Rzeszów. I have always dreamed of opening something of my own which would be the fulfilment of my dreams and the realization of the passion that I love to develop. And it happened.

The company was founded in 2018, because the wedding industry always shyly drew me to myself, with time more and more. I wanted to create my place, full of beauty and perfection. And I hope that I succeeded in small steps :)

In the case of knowledge and training, I still lack. I love to develop and attend courses and training and deepen my knowledge of topics that interest me. I'd like to go to a course or training every week, which would give me a huge kick to act and at the same time meet amazing people.

Every day, my fiancé and Kitty help me at work 😺 who bravely support me in pursuing my goals and realizing my dreams, for which I am extremely grateful to them 💗

I invite you to a casual meeting over coffee - let's get to know each other, see what my job is about and how I can help you :)
I send everyone the power of love and keep my fingers crossed for your celebrations!

See you over coffee! ~ Kamila



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