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Tusi Photography

Budapest, Hungary,

Nearby: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland, Europe (willing to travel)

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Hi, I’m Tusi!
“I would like people smiling when they look at the photos I took of them – this is my goal”.

   What do you need to know about me? Perhaps that visual expression has always been part of my world. For a long time, it seemed that I would pursue my studies in fine art, but eventually, photography is where I really found myself home. At first, I was a fan of analogue techniques, and later, as I turned to photography more seriously, this was replaced by digital techniques. However, to this day I take my film camera with me on all my travels.

  As I have a fine-arts background, I am fundamentally close to an artistic approach. I am interested in people, their uniqueness, and their story. For a long time, I thought I was not able to turn to photography that seriously as it's such an exciting and complex thing to capture people, emotions and moments. So after high school, I didn't go in this direction, but first studied marketing, then I got a degree in Hungarian and English Literature and Linguistics at university, and even dabbled in graphic design studies. I’ve lived in two different countries (Italy and Australia). But after a while, I realised that photography was the path I had to take - and what I am taking at the moment as well. With all the positive feedback I received, with more and more requests, and the confidence gained from years of experience, I can't imagine doing anything else by now. 

  I think photography is a responsible job because it captures the most important moments of people - of themselves, of their relationships. That's why I try to get to know everyone's background story during photo shoots, and that's how I get to know very valuable people, for whom I'm very grateful every time.



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