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I am a destination wedding photographer and a member of the Polish Art Photographers’Association - being passionate about photography for many years. In the beginning, I devoted myself almost exclusively to creative and artistic photography, which helped me to reveal my feelings, to show others my interpretation of the surrounding world and to reveal what was invisible to the naked eye. But I have also discovered how strong and unusual medium photography is and how deeply and diversely it influences the others. Then came the time for documentaries, an opportunity to record the feelings and emotions, to freeze in time images, that will later help the viewer to recall the past. Documentaries create the stories of our lives by capturing the most vital events in our existence and give us an opportunity to travel back in time, any moment we wish to do so. 
   Currently, I am able to combine work and passion. I’m interested in many fields of photography - art and commercial, digital and analogue. I do not limit myself to any specific applications, themes, work styles or techniques. Thus, I have a great freedom to tailor the offer to individual needs of my clients and to make full use of my experience, potential and creativity. In each and every case, I rely on experience gained previously in various areas, but also strife to apply new solutions in order to ensure, that I do create work that is original, individual and unconventional.



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