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Notis & Petros Fine Art Photography

Agias Eirinis 3, Mitilini, Greece,

Nearby: Athens, Thessaloniki, Chios

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With great mood for beautiful creations, our experience and with our biggest smile, we are here to capture with your help, images as you have always imagined... Our aim is to tell your story without words, only images… Capture them in such a way as to live again and again every moment and every feeling ,even if many years go by… Your Wedding will not only be the glamour photos which will pose and strike together... Your Wedding will contain laughter, tears, emotions, tension, crying, love, kisses… And all of them , we want to be within our photographic and videographic captures …. We want all of our shots to say something strong to you... “Nice pic“ is not enough for us… We will be satisfied , only when you finish the journey between our images , animated or not, and felt that we have helped to turn back time and make them live again strong. At that specific time, at that specific place… The only thing that we want to hear from you at the end is “ Thanks for the trip…” With the attention you deserve, we will give our own look at your happiest images of your life… And we will be there to capture them, as in the next ones too… Petros & Notis



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