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Hi! My name is Natalie!

  As you have probably guessed by now I am a photographer & videographer ;) I would like to think that I am a one-of-a-kind and someone you will love to have around when you're happy, when you're excited, when you're nervous, even when you're sad.. and everything in between. If you look through the What others said about Natalie section you will hopefully notice that a lot of my past couples call me a bonus bridesmaid. This is something I really pride myself on. I am more than just a supplier. I want to be your friend and someone you would genuinely enjoy spending time with. While getting some amazing photos&videos done, what a dream hey?

  When I am not shooting or editing photos and videos, chances are, that I am spending time with my super dogs Peter Barker and Bear, pretending to be in the gym while actually eating vegan donuts, dying my hair mermaid or candy floss, orange, blue or silver colours, surfing/paddleboarding or globetrotting ( currently more exploring the beautiful country we live in! Honestly, who knew that Scotland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall were this beautiful!) for weddings and holidays alike. I am so serious about travelling the UK that I am currently saving for my very own converted van!

  There is this unwritten rule amongst the photography community that everybody needs to find their style and stick to it. Always the rule breaker, I’ve decided to turn my indecision into my biggest strength. So basically it is a big fat no from me to always having one style. And it is a big fat yes to matching the edit to each wedding. If your wedding is on Halloween you’re probably not after a bright and airy look. If you’re all about the pastel coloured decor and flowers - you’re probably not after dark and moody. And well the best part is that I can help with it all! Other than that - the short version of my style is 80% telling how your day happened and 20% magic - which basically means - most of your photos will be natural, reportage, candid, you won't even know I am there, capturing the real moments, with real natural light and no posing. You know being the little (tall) photo ninja that I am.. but and this is a big BUT I love to add a couple of those magical portraits to your collection, with sparklers, dramatic skies, artificial light, etc. However this really doesn't mean I will be bothering you for hours, posing you till you die of boredom, changing my lighting 200 times.. most of the magic happens in Photoshop, so it will always be a little bit of surprise what you going to get!



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