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Muzzarelli Catering

Via Independence, 102-41049 Sassuolo (Mo), Modena, Italy,

Nearby: Sassuolo, northern Italy

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Muzzarelli Catering Make every special event and to do that use the heart. The quality and professionalism can have them all. We Muzzarelli Catering we have to have something extra.These are the foundations with which Gianni Muzzarelli founded in 1984 Muzzarelli Catering in Modena. It continues our story on these solid foundations. Even today, our mission. People first. All our staff work and live every event as if it were the first, all to make it unique and special. We leave unchanged the raw materials, by searching from small local suppliers. We work constantly to give our customers the best of presentations and buffet tables, continually investing in what we call family. We move for years throughout the territory of Modena, Reggio Emilia, Mantova, Bologna and Parma. In the last decade the demands have also begun to arrive from farther away, so today we travel throughout northern Italy and we also did some catering abroad, including Los Angeles, Houston, London, Bogota and Quebec City.The consolidation in major events and Multinational customers give us confidence that the work we are doing is well done, but the idea that you can always improve is always steadfast in our DNA. Hence the constant research in various areas such as raw material, the processing method of this matter of the highest level with the continued purchase of cutting-edge professional equipment and presentation of buffets and tables. Our entire logistics of properties located in two warehouses in Sassuolo (MO) and all merchandise is moved by suitable means. Continuous investment in new materials and fine design, guarantee us to give the customer more material in perfect condition and give it the choice of many alternatives. Don't hesitate to contact us! [video width="406" height="720" mp4=""][/video] [video width="636" height="360" mp4=""][/video]



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