Why you need a local wedding planner in Greece​


From the moment you or your partner popped the question, you’ve been dreaming of saying your vows in Greece; but you are not sure whether you need a wedding planner in Greece or not… Planning a destination wedding in Greece requires preparation, negotiation, decision-making; it can be a roller-coaster ride, exciting and scary at the same time!


Finding the right venue 

Where do you want to get married? You probably have a dream destination in mind, but except for the well-known spots in Greece – like Santorini Island and Mykonos – there are so many off-the-beaten-track destinations as the superior Athenian Riviera and other hidden gems as Ios island… A local wedding planner can suggest you all the unexplored places all over Greece

Even if you have visited Greece on vacation before and you know where you want to tie the knot, speaking with a local Greek wedding planner will help give you an insight into the numerous options you have. From the seating arrangement to how guests should enter the venue, a destination wedding planner has been there, done that and can advise you on what works and what doesn’t in the specific location or venue you’ve chosen.



Understanding the ins and outs of the market 

Creating and sticking to a budget is much easier when you have an outsider who knows how much things should and should not cost. A local wedding planner in Greece knows the vendors; who is good and who isn’t, who charges too much and who offers great value for money. Finding good deals for the venue of the reception, the catering, the DJ and the decoration is really hard if you do not cooperate with someone who knows the Greek market better than you do. 

After all, vendors always aim to please the wedding planners they cooperate with - so that they bring them more business! That means planners can get you extra, exclusive offers and discounts. If you choose your planner wisely, it can actually end up saving you money!


Taking care of the formalities 

Not all aspects of planning a wedding are fun. The most important perk of a planner is having someone who will supervise all the sticky details like legal contracts. 

A local wedding planner has in-depth knowledge of the process when registering a wedding, and can take care of all legal formalities, document verifications and nitty-gritty issues…



Getting prepared for the unexpected 

A local wedding planner in Greece will take things to the next level by handling all the unexpected problems. If it starts raining on your big day, you will surely need the brilliant ideas of a planner for your ceremony and reception in a country that is famous for its sunny weather! 

And let’s not forget the useful advice on tricky situations… When should you send out your save-the-dates? What are you supposed to do if you love high heels but you also want a beach wedding? How can you incorporate Greek wedding traditions in your ceremony or reception? A wedding planner has seen it all and will be able to guide you through any tricky situations that may arise.


Helping your guests

When you and your soon-to-be spouse arrive with your guests, the last thing you want to do is waste precious time searching for the best local restaurant or hunting down that famous photo spot. 

A planner who has knowledge of the area is also handy for organizing all the ‘guest details’, such as hotel accommodations, welcome bags, maps and a list of fun things for them to do during their downtime.



Avoiding stress 

Planning your own wedding used to mean endless hours of research, running around and becoming stressed. Planning a wedding can seem like a full-time job… The peace of mind that comes with using a trusted adviser is precious. 

From wedding photography to excellent catering and from rare flowers to great music playlists, a local wedding planner will keep you and your ceremony organized… while lessening your stress! Whether you are swamped at work or overwhelmed by the number of decisions you need to make, hiring a local wedding planner can help make the process much more enjoyable.


Having someone by your side who can help you figure out what you want and how to execute your big day can be a total lifesaver. So… contact a great wedding planning team, and start designing your destination Wedding in Greece.



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