Wedding planners predict top 2018 wedding trends!



If you're planning on tying the knot next year and want your wedding to stand out from what everyone's seen before, take heed of the below advice.

Wedding planners from around the world have revealed the hottest wedding trends for 2018 - and they're far more exciting than the bog standard themes that have dominated Pinterest over the last 12 months.

From marble dancefloors to moody bouquets, Martha Stewart asked the best wedding planners in the business to forecast the hottest wedding trends for 2018.

Living bars: Rather than a classic bar, experts say that incorporating some freshly cut foliage into your drinking station will make it super trendy. One expert suggests setting up a laser-cut bar with green leaves creeping out for an Instagram-worthy look.

Potted plants: While some brides love lining their aisle with rose petals or even candles, 2018 will be all about potted plants. Experts say a quintessentially British look will be all the rage and suggest wrapping the pots in silk fabrics for a chic touch.

Cultural weddings: While lots of people tie the knot abroad, one planner says bride and grooms will be fully embracing local culture next year. Couples should say their vows off the grid and embrace local traditions and customs - like a Montenegro guitar procession or salsa dance performance in Spain.

Small wedding parties: Good news for those on a budget! Experts predict that weddings will be getting smaller with just one maid of honour and two bridesmaids making up the bridal party.

Moody flowers: Peach and cream hues have been popular with brides for decades but things are getting dark for 2018 with darker, detailed, and textured florals set to be a big hit. Experts say it's all about the 'drama' and tout purple as the hottest colour of 2018.

Translusent tents: Wedding planners are noting that couples looking to tie the knot next year are opting for the modern, architectural, and clean design translucence tents with floor-to-ceiling windows. If you don't want to celebrate in a marquee, they say you can incorporate the trend into your big day with more glass tables and lucite invitations.

Marble dancefloors: Replace a traditional black and white checkerboard dancefloor with a marble one if you really want to impress. Planners say that an aerial photo of bride and groom dancing on the marble is going to be the snap every couple will want in their wedding album next year.

Dogwood bouquets: One florist claims that the key trend for bridal bouquets next year is 'overgrown' and ladies will be plumping for a bunch made solely of dogwood flowers.

Coloured candles: Experts predict that coloured candles will be the perfect way to brighten up any event space. She recommends popping them on tables or dispersing them around the room for an unexpected twist on classic decor.

Edible place cards: Add an unexpected twist to your big day by making your place cards edible or created using plants or in vases.