❤️ Valentines Day Wedding Inspirations ❤️


Can you think of any other more romantic day in a year than the valentine’s day? We cannot either! Of course, each day can be your own holiday of love but just think how incredible it is to have your big day set on the MOST romantic day there could possibly be? We prepared for you some valentine’s day themed inspirations for your wedding!

1. Seatings

Decide for a simple and readable design full of red roses. Keeping it simple is really important so everyone can easily see where they are seated. Going with the statement flowers of valentine’s day will give a classy and sophisticated feel of the event.

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2. Name cards

Again – simple and easy to read is a way to go! Remember not to overdo it as roses and red colour can be sometimes a bit overwhelming. Wine corks are perfect to be a base for a name card because they will provide enough stability for it to hold in place and also attach some decoration.


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3. Table centrepiece

Lots of roses and petals give the romantic feel you are looking for. Remember to pick everything with accordance to one colour scheme. Red goes well with golds, blacks, and whites. Those colour choices are never a miss!

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4. Altar

February tends to be really cold and barely sunny so creating an altar with bright, contrasting colours is going to make you stand out on a bit greyish background and make everyone focus only on you!

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5. Details

An idea for a nice addition to the whole theme is getting your nails done in a bit more fancy way by adding some red and hearts to the design!

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6. Favours

What everyone associates with valentines? CHOCOLATE? And who doesn’t love chocolate? Prepare small favours with a little sweet surprise inside in a neatly designed package.

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7. Bouquet

What flowers to choose for your bouquet? You guessed it! Roses will never be a miss in terms of valentine’s day themed wedding! If it is cold and a bit cloudy in the place you are going to exchange your I Do’s, decide on a bit darker, deeper colors, but when it is somewhere sunnier – get red roses paired with some other pink and white flowers for a delicate and romantic look.

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8. Sweets

Make sure that your guests will have plenty of sweets that scream LOVE aside from main dishes!

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9. Invitations

You can make your invitations look just like valentines! Incorporate lots of reds, hearts and if you are feeling super funky sprinkle them with glitter!

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10. Shoes

Just like the nails, your shoes with heart or just red accents can make a really nice addition to pulling the whole theme together!

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11. Boutonnieres

To make a groom carry something that will immediately suggest “valentines day” may be a little bit challenging but there is an easy way to do it! Get him a boutonniere with a flower that is the same color as your bouquet or get him a heart-shaped pin!

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12. Cake

There are so many options to choose from in terms of a cake that will resemble valentine’s day theme! The simplest way is to get a white cake with some red hearts accents. Also the classical red velvet cake will be a good choice. You can also get a bit more fancy and get a heart-shaped cake! An extraordinary twist would be getting many small cakes shaped just like the valentine’s day candy hearts!


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13. Drinks

Make sure your bartender is ready to pour the love into your guests' glasses! There are so many love twists on the classical statement drinks that everyone loves!

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14. Balloons

This is so simple yet so effective accessory! They come in all shapes, sizes and colours! You can make an altar out of them or leave them floating under the ceiling of your wedding reception room, or maybe make your guests release them when you leave the chapel or exchange I Dos under the altar!

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