Tips to plan your wedding colourful


Are you planning your wedding and want to make sure everything is perfect? Stuck between the multiple options presented to you by the caterers and the colour palettes put out by the decorators? Well, worry not; we’re here to help you get through this ordeal because our experts have planned enough weddings to know what to do with the colour wheel at different points of the year. Wedding planning can be overwhelming throughout the course of the time you’re planning it, but making lists, and getting people you trust to help you out should make the process easier. So, before you start deciding things and setting them in stone, give your general sense of aesthetic a thought, and figure out what colour scheme works best with your wedding outfit, or your setting.


1. Pay Attention to your Venue This seems obvious, but what most people do not realize is that the colour palette clash can be a very poor foundation for the rest of your décor. If your venue is the beach, you might want to stick to whites and softer, more pastel colours- perhaps a baby blue, or a powder pink. If you’re fortunate enough to find an empty loft as your location, you have a clean slate, and could possibly make anything work.


2. Season Matters The time of the year you choose to get married is not only important for your anniversary, but it is also a huge part of deciding the colours you choose for your wedding. If your weddings is somewhere in fall, richer colours like reds, browns, or burgundies might fit your theme. For summer, keep barely-there hues in mind paired with whites. You, however, do not have to conform to the generally accepted colour palettes for a specific season. Don’t be afraid to take risks and dabble with different colours before choosing a palette.


3. The Undertones set the Mood Darker colours like black, or jewel tones, will inevitably evoke a sense of nostalgia on your wedding day. Lighter hues like pastels will be more breezy and relaxing. Know the effects of the tones you choose for your wedding have on your event. Choose colours that embody the sentiment you want highlighted at your wedding.


4. Choose from the Colour Wheel Don’t be afraid to choose combinations that have already been used before. It’s always the safer option and you can tweak whatever may seem unnecessary to your requirements. Generally, the rule followed while using the colour wheel is that the opposite colours are chosen in pairs; this means on warm colour will be paired with one cool colour, for example a blue tint with orange hues. However, if this does not suit your liking, you can always pair two neighboring colors such as reds and oranges to create a palette you like.


5. Don’t stick to just two While most people pick two colours as their theme for their weddings, you don’t have to be one of them. Go wild and choose a wide range of colours that complement each other and get creative! All you need to remember is that as long as the colours don’t clash with each other, and do not become overwhelmingly bright or dull, your wedding should look like a dream. If you’re looking for something creative, try lavender, emerald, and lapis blue for a very chic and vibrant bohemian look. With cool undertones from the lavender and bright hues of emerald, your wedding venue is ready to pop in all your pictures. Dare to take it a step further and plan your dresses that way, too!


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