Rain for the wedding, what to do?


     You have been waiting for this day so long, you have been preparing for it for so long, and in the morning there are gray clouds in the sky, rain is beating on the windowsill, the forecast does not bode well ....

1) First and foremost advice

Prepare in advance! If you have not discussed this issue at a preliminary meeting with the photographer, then call him when the forecast is already known and discuss it. Not the agency manager, not the organizer, but the photographer who will take pictures of you that day. The more experience he has, the better everything will go for you. This is one of those cases where savings can go badly.

2)Plan your day so that walking and crossings are kept to a minimum

3)Take an umbrella with you for a walk

4)Be sure to bring extra stockings and a spare pair of shoes

Ideal, especially for autumn brides, are fun rubber boots. Hiring a good wedding photographer who can play with this will be an additional subject for your photos.

5)A hairstyle with loose curls will die very quickly from dampness

But on the other hand, all kinds of hairstyles based on braids and bundles will perfectly survive any rain. And no need to spare the nail polish for a lasting fixation of the hairstyle!

6)Please note that in this weather it is imperative to use waterproof cosmetics, especially mascara and eyeliner.

Usually, those stylists who constantly work at weddings use only such cosmetics. But if, for reasons of economy, you apply to regional hairdressing salons or beauty salons, then anything can happen.

 What to do when it is raining at the wedding - do not lose heart, but dance!

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