How to Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day (if you’re camera shy)


     If you want to Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day and your worried that you or your partner are not keen on having your photograph taken. Then we put together this short post that could give you some killer tips on making sure that your looking awesome on your wedding photos.

Just Be Yourself

     Many wedding couples will go into their weddings worrying about exactly how they want to look in the images afterwards. They may already be putting pintrest boards together. They tip here though is try not to over complicate it. Ultimately on your wedding day you just need to be yourself.

     Its you, the story and the characters of the wedding day that will ultimately be treasured. Just be yourself and you love, laugh and cry at your wedding images when your photographer delivers them. You’ll naturally look amazing on your wedding day if you are just being you.

Have a Pre Wedding Shoot

     Not only will a pre wedding shoot give you time to know your photographer but it will give your photographer time to get to know you.

     Knowing couples well is really important to photographers as the more they know them, their characters and personalities. The more they can shoot them organically and make sure their images represent them.

Tell It How It Is

     Before your wedding takes place and when it boils down to booking your wedding photographer make sure you tell them exactly what you mind or don’t mind doing.

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