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The House

Travessa do Pinheiro 11, Lisbon, Portugal,

Nearby: Lisboa

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We started organizing weddings at TheHOUSE from the very first moment, even if we hadn't meant to. In June  2010, one month before our public opening, we got a call from a close friend that was looking for a place for her Polish friend to propose to his girlfriend in Lisbon. She thought TheHOUSE’s rooftop would be ideal. Despite not being ready for public opening, as this close friend was very persistent, we ended up by accepting the request, pre-opening for 2 very special guests.

A typical Portuguese dinner was served on the rooftop, while the soon to be groom was very nervous. We were starting to get nervous as well as, each time we went there to change dishes or pour some wine, we were expecting the good news and nothing was happening. Finally, after coffee, wondering if he had finally proposed, we find the girlfriend ecstatic with a huge diamond on her finger. She hugged us and screamed "I said yes, I said yes!!!". We became friends instantly! Next January the bride called us at TheHOUSE but she was crying. We got concerned, wondering if something was wrong between them but she explained that the problem was both of their grandmothers disagreeing on basically everything concerning the wedding. We said:

- "Sorry to hear that. Is there anything we can do to help you?"

- "Yes, you can let me get married on your terrace!"

And so it was the first of many happy weddings at TheHOUSE!

If you are also looking for an unforgettable wedding ceremony, with memorable moments to share with your friends and family, like this Polish couple was, our rooftop is the right place for your venue. On the top of a regular building in an anonymous street, you will find a 9-bedroom, 640sqm, three-storey house with one of the most stunning views over both Lisboa and the river, you will find anywhere: a secluded, charming and unique place.

We are very flexible and can customize almost everything to suit your needs and make your wedding a memorable day.  It is possible to rent either the rooftop space only or the B&B in full for wedding venues. Additional services can also be provided:

  • Catering
  • Wedding music, DJ
  • Photographer, video
  • Hair, makeup, manicure
  • Floral decorations
  • Babysitting Service
  • Wedding car
  • Wedding cake

TheHOUSE was formerly a family house, where four family generations lived for almost 50 years. Now it is open to anyone who wishes to experience Lisboa in a unique, intimate, warm full and relaxed atmosphere. Located in an historical and very central area of Lisbon, just two minutes away from Basílica da Estrela, Jardim da Estrela and the world famous 28 eléctrico, making it perfect for tourism: for those who like to walk, there are multiple points of interest around; for those who don’t, taxis, buses and subway, besides the eléctrico, can be found nearby. Dozens of restaurants for every taste, including fado houses, also abound nearby.

  • Accommodation
  • Parking



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