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Photo Stories

Thessaloniki, Greece,

Nearby: Athens

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Photo Stories

Artistic and commercial photography for residents and guests of Greece.

I was always attracted to the idea of making our fleeting life as beautiful as possible. Photography gives the opportunity to preserve forever the extraordinary beauty of the moment. After all, one can never find enough words to describe the state of the moment.

To become a successful photographer, I went a long way. During my studies at the Faculty of Journalism, I was interested in everything related to art. For me, the great importance of art in human life has always been obvious. Art reveals the soul with all its hopes and fears, joy and pain; it unites nationalities and cultures, as well as helping to take a breath in difficult times.

By nature, I’m a person who loves to self-develop and do not stop at what has been achieved. I wanted to become a professional in the field of photography and further grow as an artist. I am always in search of beauty and maybe this made me move to Greece. This magical country inspired me to combine my knowledge and skills in photography.




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