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German Gedmintas – Photographer in Cyprus

Ayia Napa, Cyprus,

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German Gedmintas – Photographer in Cyprus

Born and raised in Latvia. Then I lived in Ireland for a long time, where I had to direct all my creative powers to combat rain fatigue.

Do you know what inspiration is? Like thunder And he rang out. In one of the grey wet days, I remembered the story that my mother often told in childhood. The legend that a man born there, where Aphrodite herself appeared to the world from the foam of the sea, will be happy in love. And that means in life.
That's why I rushed to the island of love. Now I am a demanded photographer in Cyprus. As if in reward, I was visited by the second revelation. I realized from my own experience that a simple, seemingly communion with this nature leads to no less result.

Imagine, I still found the birthplace of Aphrodite. Only, ts-ss ... Now I finish the continuation of love legends for everyone. Just as important, illustrations.
Agree, it is forgivable to go to Barcelona or to see the Sagrada Familia or not to find Brussels ...
However, let's get closer to Big Love.
It may seem ridiculous, but many manage to celebrate a wedding in Cyprus and not see... Cyprus. It's time to correct this error.
Since wedding photo shoots in Cyprus are not just a series of pleasant memories.
First of all, it is an opportunity to create a living paradise of memory from individual moments captured in photos. His Promised Land, where there is always Happiness and Love. The region from which you will return, filled with new forces and aspirations. Is always.



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