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Cassu Fotograf

Mestre Blanch,3, Empuriabrava, Spain,

Nearby: Paris, Barcelona, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, Roma, Atenas

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– Cassu Fotograf –

First I'm a person a man, a father, a friend, a lover. My life can be similar to yours ...

Photography is my life. So I need you to be yourself in every moment to capture the moment and love.

What is love for me ...

Love is not a grand declaration.
It is the little, simple things done for no reason.
It's asking: "Do you want a coffee? " "Are you tired?" "Is there something I can do for you?"
It is a telephone call, a letter, a little surprise.
It's an invitation from the heart, it's to go on a walk together.
It's to do things for each other, without a reason or ulterior motive.
It is to accept the other just as they are. To listen with an open mind, not to rush or push.
It's to view each other through the eyes of your heart.
To love is simply to be there. Not simply with your body but with your soul.
It's to say I love you.
To love is not to criticise, judge or condemn.
It's being able to say, "If I had been in your shoes, I couldn't have done better".
It's being able to say without envy: "That's a great thing you've achieved".
Because, you see, to love is as simple as that.
When someone has the privilege of loving and being loved, life is extraordinary.
The warmth that radiates within you, that light in your eyes and soul ... that is love.

I want and I need to paint all that in each photo.



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