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Bodas con Arte

Seville, Spain,

Nearby: Germany, England, Berlin, London, worldwide

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€1530 / person

We are Sevillians, but not for that reason we remain locked without crossing the walls of Seville. Our photographic storey began when I, Moisés García, at the age of 8 had my first flirting with a camera. I remember that at that time the first thing I learned was how to jam an analogue film reel ... From that much, it has rained and since then I always felt curiosity and attraction for artistic photography.

And as the walls and art went the story, things of life pushed my wife and me to move to Berlin. Who knows if what they say that Berlin is a city of high artistic interest (and a little by chance too) is that the creativity that was in me came back and I got a half-decent photographic team. That is how I gave with my true passion that it took me so long to find and Berlin saw me finally born as a new and determined photographer with international aspirations.

Thanks to that passion and my philosophy of "if something needs to be done, it is to do it well" is that I developed my photographic skills in a matter of months to the point of looking back and seeing that almost without realizing it I had found a style of my own that I lived up to your stories.

Life and my wife, who gave me two beautiful children, wanted us to once again look back for the sake of our children and settle back in Seville. Thus ending with our Berlin projects but starting with our most ambitious projects to date, Weddings with Art! With so much art, it was clear that it had to be in Seville ...

For all this, we warn you, If you are lovers of the classic photo report, you are in the wrong place. Our images have a fresh and current style, always looking for that point of interest or a fleeting moment that only a trained eye avoids passing. We live in a frantic world, time is money, and you who remain on the other side of my camera surely do not have the time or knowledge to lose it with unnatural and surrealist poses. We want to tell true stories, that you be yourselves and your love for life who comes out reflected in our photos. You are the protagonists, we who tell your stories!



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