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Adamo Morgese Photographer

Wedding photographer based in Italy.

My name is Adamo and I am a photographer.

Photography has been a part of my life since my childhood as my father was a photographer himself.

Obviously, you can easily guess who was my very first model… my mother, who was extremely amused and she laughed a lot seeing me play the “paparazzi” style whenever I took pictures of her.

At the age of 6, and allow me this pun, I started working with my father in the darkroom, where I was enlighted about the magical art of photography. It was something fantastic for a kid that young.



S Samantha D 2019-12-17 18:46:25

Ocena: 5

Got some beautiful natural shots and both Adamo and his assistant are so friendly. He was so good at responding with all the details pre wedding as well, which makes planning a wedding in another country so much easier. I can't comment on a few hours as we had adamo all day 11-9 but I had shopped around a lot and he was the most reasonable by far!

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