[Restaurants]Restaurante do Forte

Region/Country: Portugal
City: Forte de São Tiago
near Funchal
Postcode: 9060-250
Address: Rua Portão São Tiago
Phone number: +351 291 21 55 80
Fax: ---
Website: www.grupo-forte.com
Max guests: 100
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Venue description

Restaurante do Forte


Linking the “Soul of Restaurante do Forte” to the “Spirit of the Săo Tiago Fortress” is a rare encounter between history, architecture and gastronomy. The Săo Tiago Fortress “Museum of Contemporary Art”, situated on Rua Portăo de Săo Tiago, a unique and unrepeatable reference of collective memory, which allows those who use the hospitality of the Museum and the service of the Restaurante do Forte to enjoy the extraordinary welcoming of those who work there. With over three centuries of history, the Fortress, is considered the first and foremost marvel of Madeira, and is the birthplace of the essential cultural reference for Tourism.


Restaurante do Forte has the privilege of being within this museological space, which has determinately contributed to the preservation of heritage and the revival of gastronomical richness, which is being created day after day by the great culinary designers. The different settings and surroundings can be tailored to the most various events, from a simple romantic dinner to a Medieval Festival or a Moroccan night.


There are no limits to the imagination and versatility of how these spaces can be interpreted, in a genuine experience that engages all the senses. It is not only the quality of the culinary diversity, or of the service, or of the innovation that it has brought the restaurant industry, that make the Restaurante do Forte a different place. It is the interpretation made of its core, the Săo Tiago Fortress, built in the 17th Restaurante do Forte the main restaurant reference in Madeira. Century that makes the Restaurante do Forte the main restaurant reference in Madeira.


It is tradition for Restaurante do Forte to hold events, and that is why we have created a series of themes that illustrate the creativity and imagination of its entrepreneurs. Every time we host an event we aim to materialize the most profound creativity and imagination for our customers, so that we always surprise them with a whirlwind of flavours and emotions. 


Should you contact the venue, please refer to WhereWedding. Thank you!

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