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KHORA Quartet

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Luca Campioni – Violino I – Andrea Aloisi – Violino II
Simone Rossetti Bazzaro – Viola – Francesco Saverio Gliozzi – Violoncello
Through their name, “Khora”, they want to suggest the idea of a style made from many styles and of a sound made from many sounds. “Khora” is the Greek term for the area of land just outside a city. In Philosophy, it became the word for “that which receives everything and keeps nothing, becomes nothing”.

“Khora” does not take the form of the objects it embeds, but is in constant change, always transforming into “something else”.

It is in this constant transfiguration and transmutation, in the excitement of morphing into a thousand faces and identities, that “Khora Quartet” find their nature and their raison d’^etre. Playing hide and seek with the classical roots of the string quartet, they wear new masks and speak new languages, exploring different expressive genres: from Rock to Jazz, through Klezmer, Pop, Tango and many more.

“Khora” was born with the aim of bringing together eclectic musicians with a shared taste for musical experimentation. Various musical groups were formed (trios, quartets, quintets) with the common intent and purpose of exploring all musical genres, with no preclusions whatsoever. Discovering, in particular, an unsuspected flair for Rock and Jazz repertoires, they gathered great admiration for their novel rhythmic experimentation, which also involves a percussive use of the string instruments.

“Khora Quartet”’s work is based mainly on both original compositions and standard jazz, rock and italian “evergreen” pieces. Among the many locations and events that hosted the “Khora Quarted”, we might mention… Moving from classical rigour, they also give ample reign to work of improvisation, not only based on jazz, but which is even freer and diverse, exploiting all timbric possibilities of the instruments.

“Khora” also manage to integrate in the strict sound texture of the string quartet the use of other instruments, played by the same four musicians: percussions, the diamonica, the mandolin or the epiphone are some of the occasional “deviations” that the group simply dotes on, in their almost obsessive search for anything that might enable them to play outside the rules, and to continue merging, moulding and transforming, “receiving everything, and keeping nothing”, as is the nature of the “Khora”.

In these years “Khora Quartet” collaborated with numerous musicians of prestige, such as Santo Palumbo, with whom they perfomed on tour tributes to Gershwin, Ellington and Berlin; Bruno de Filippi, who composed and dedicated an original piece to the Quartet; Franco Cerri, Carlo Alberto Rossi, Victor Bacchetta, Mark Harris, Vito Pallavicini, Mark Isham, Gino Mescoli, Enrico Intra, Stefano Cerri, Giulio Libano, Ettore Righello, Massimo Colombo, Mario Rusca, Enrico Rava, Stefano Bagnoli, Marco Detto, Riccardo Fioravanti, Paolo Tomelleri, Fabrizio Bosso, Rossano Sportiello, Marco Ricci, Sandro Gibellini, Riccardo Bianchi, Eleonora Dettole, Giuseppe Emmanuele, Diego Mancino, Guido Catalano, Giovanni Allevi.

As for Pop music, notable are the collaborations with Pooh, with whom they worked on the production and recording of the musical “Pinocchio”; Rossana Casale, Francesco Tricarico, Fiorella Mannoia , Renato Zero and, most significantly, Zucchero Fornaciari, the celebrated Emilian songwriter: it is with him that, in 2011-2013, the Trio played on a world-wide Tour (through Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Cile, Brasil and Australia) performing his latest album “Chocabeck”.

The Quartet plays both electric instruments with pedals and acoustic instruments. A data sheet has been attached, therefore, carrying due specifications.

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Region/Country Italy
City Milan
Address Via Pietro Crespi 6
Max guests 1000
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