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Chinchón, Madrid


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Located in the town of Chinchon (Madrid) only 35 km from the center of the capital through the M-404, 53,300 km road in the hilltop from where stunning valleys of the rivers Jarama and Tajuña currency walked straight from the road to the manor “Los 3 corrales”.

The manor consists of 50,000 square meters in the countryside, a pine forest, olive trees, gardens, fountains and old buildings, create intimate spaces and ones that allow the realization of any wedding, civil ceremony and event at all times An important differentiator compared to other manors it is having our own kitchens

BAIS WEDDINGS group so we do not require the catering services. With the guarantee of 45 years customer service behind us, our chefs concoct high quality menus and traditional spanish cuisine with selected products from the region. There are many elements in the service of our guests:

  • A stunning modern tent for 400 diners.
  • A rustic lounge decorated with antique tools for 120 diners.
  • The barbecue in old press, surrounded by numerous vats 4 meters (where we invite the newlyweds and their guests to Recena)
  • Garden with games for children, swings and two bouncy castles.
  • Area relax by the pool with its own bar for cocktails.
  • Private Parking Also on the left side of the mountain it has several themed zones, all also the exclusive enjoyment in your wedding:
  • Cave mushroom.
  • Different types of Spanish beehives.
  • Huge cages with birds of prey and exotic.
  • Coop with pond, with different breeds of chickens, geese, ducks …
  • Stables with horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, wild boards …
  • Vineyard with presses and crushers to make wine
  • Olivar with the wheels of the mill for making oil.
  • Old waterwheel with animal traction.
  • Carros, tartans, galley, winnowing, etc.

Before starting the cocktail, an eagle will land on the arm of boyfriend, carrying a rose for the bride. All to enjoy an unforgettable day. YOUR WEDDING



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Region/Country Spain
City Chinchon
Address Carretera M-404, Km 53,500 28370 Chinchón (Madrid)
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Max guests 450
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air conditioning


car park

historic venue

disabled facilities


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