[Manors / Halls]Quinta de Alvre

Region/Country: Portugal
City: Vila Nova de Gaia
Postcode: 131701
Address: Rua General Torres, n.º 1220, Loja 69
Phone number: +351 223 758 371
Fax: ---
Website: www.quintadealvre.com
Max guests: ---
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Venue description

Quinta de Alvre

Quinta d'Alvre is located in a place of rare beauty, where the tranquility and the green of nature dominate the surrounding landscape. It is a romantic setting and a true piece of paradise, where the wedding celebration will have a different charm. Set on the slopes of the Santa Iria saw, in Porto, the farm has easy access to major roads and highways (A41, A43 / IC29).

The vast gardens, natural waterfall and two large halls, adaptable to any style of wedding are just some of the features that you will no longer dazzled. The attention to detail, the celebration of the civil ceremony and refined decoration are some of the services at your disposal.

On an exclusive basis with the following companies:

The AmbientaEventos is a company dedicated to organizing weddings and corporate events, based in V. N. Gaia, joined with the Perfect Environment in 2012 and that perfect wedding! It offers its customers all the services necessary for the event to be unique, and the services are the company's own, so the organization of the event is easier, faster and less expensive. The AmbientaEventos is innovative and bold, creating a new brand, "Douro Weddings". was launched in the foreign market, a bet that shows all the playfulness that characterizes the company and above all, a company that meets the new trends and markets.
The Perfect Environments is a company specialized in providing high quality catering services for weddings and other special and unique events. With special care and attention to detail, dishes and other delicacies have a beautiful visual presentation and delicious, where the expression "the eyes also eat" makes sense. The menus are elaboras by Executive Chef Fernando Heleno, which also builds the chef function of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica. With a modern and current kitchen they are also responsible for the F & B (Food and Beverage) Hotel Tryp Coimbra and Berry Restaurant, has recently acquired a Sushi brand, "Love Sushi" in known boat "Basófias".

Should you contact the venue, please refer to WhereWedding. Thank you!

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