[Manors / Halls]Palazzo Manganelli

Region/Country: Italy
City: Catania
near Sicily
Postcode: 95131
Address: Piazza Manganelli 16
Phone number: +39 095 313 272
Fax: ---
Website: www.palazzomanganelli.it
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Palazzo Manganelli

Built by Tornabene Family in 1400, the palace passed to Sigona Family and was sold in 1505 to Don Alvaro Paternò, senator and magistrate of Catania, Ambassador to the Queen, the Viceroy and Parliaments United, etc. At that time the building had only one floor and was in Catalan style. Heavily damaged in the earthquake of 1693, was rebuilt by Don Antonio Paternò, VIth Baron of Manganelli, with the architects Alonzo Di Benedetto and Felice Palazzotto.
The followers of Garibaldi in 1860 plundered the palace, destroying the eighteenth-century furniture. The palace was restored and expanded in the second half of the nineteenth century with the addition of the second floor (today there's an excellent hotel there) and the interior was decorated with opulence in the style of that era, according to new architectural concepts, where also the well-known painter of Catania Giuseppe Sciuti worked, all on impulse of Princess Angela Paternò di Manganelli Torresi.

Currently the building has a façade in pure late baroque/rococo, wonderful is the pensile garden, famous in the city of Catania, which extends over two levels connected by a romantic staircase with two fountains and a nymphaeum, which relies on a part of the ancient city walls. demolished by now. In the twentieth century the Princes Borghese of Rome have inherited the Palace from the Paternò Family for the wedding of Donna Angela Paternò, VIIth Princess of Sperlinga of Manganelli, lady in waiting of the Queen of Italy Maria José of Savoy, with Don Flavio Prince Borghese, XIIth prince of Sulmona, head of his family. Presently the Palace belongs to the descendants ,the Princes Borghese Family who use it as their abode.

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