[Hotels]Villa Štefanija

Region/Country: Croatia
City: Barban
near Istria
Postcode: 52207
Address: Puntera 8d
Phone number: +385 (0)52 567 075
Fax: +385 (0)52 567 075
Website: www.stefanija.com
Max guests: ---
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Venue description

Villa Štefanija

Villa Štefanija is an ideal destination for those looking for a real relaxing holiday away from the eyes of mass tourism. A picturesque surroundings of the villa, to wake up with a unique view of the sea, absolute isolation and the rest from the city noise, Stephany's cuisine and special attention that is paid to detail and to each guest individually ...

The dishes come from our cuisine are completely in line with the Mediterranean way of cooking and foods that use clearly reflect the climate in which we find ourselves - cooking only seasonal and are used only local ingredients. This philosophy is carried over from generation to generation since the beloved grandparents and none Stephanie.

Once upon a time, grandfather and grandmother lived peacefully životomu home to my villa; nona every morning baking bread, and grandfather each day went to hunt, gather mushrooms, asparagus or herbs, depending on the season. Kitchen was then a central position of households and each day something new stove. Nono is constantly pulled out crumbs herbs and sprinkled them on meat, fish, minestrone ... just that feeling today we want to convey to our guests and visitors cuisine none Stephanie.

We offer traditional dishes, which are found in nature that surrounds us or only to a few kilometers away, and one of them was brought tasty and healthy dishes, made with love and in accordance with the tradition of the area of ​​origin. Some now called slow food, and we now call the kitchen none Stephanie. The combination of local ingredients, old recipes and long, slow cooking revive and transmit tradition which we transferred grandfather Toni and grandmother Stefanija.

Should you contact the venue, please refer to WhereWedding. Thank you!

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