[Hotels]Hotel Slavija

Region/Country: Croatia
City: Split
Postcode: 21000
Address: Buvinina 2, Split, 21000 Hrvatska
Phone number: +385 21 323 840
Fax: +385 21 323 848
Website: www.hotelslavija.hr
Max guests: 50
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Venue description

Hotel Slavija


Hotel Slavija is the oldest Hotel in Split. Hotel Slavija is protected by Republic of Croatia as a national cultural heritage. Due to its location within the Diocletian’s palace, Hotel Slavija is also protected by the UNESCO as an international monument of culture. (UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Restaurant in Roman baths

The hotel restaurant is built over the area of the antique roman thermae of the Diocletian’s palace, a sort of a forerunner of the welnesses and spa of today. The rooms of the baths were placed in a line, interconnected and had a different role in the enjoyment that lasted for hours at a time.

The pools were mostly located in the apsidas of the rooms (a half-dome parts of a building) that can be seen in the main hall of the restaurant. The central floor of the restaurant is built above the hypocaust, a sort of a floor heating system that was used in the baths at that time. Hypocaust is the area below the floor, consisting of pillars that were holding the floor, trough which hot air was let to pass, thus heating the rooms above.



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