Things that every bridesmaid should do on wedding morning!

Things that every bridesmaid should do on wedding morning!

1. Charge your phone

Imagine if you compulsion to enhancement in the venue/check your make-happening mid-reception/accede a selfie as soon as the hot best man - on your own to discover you've got no battery? Drama - put that charger in your bag! But, of course, check out the venue to see if there's possibility to charge your phone in case of super emergency!

2. Eat!

Even if you'as regards not normally a 'breakfast person', force yourself to have some toast. It's going to be a long hours of day - and we'in excuse to guessing you don't distressed sensation to halt taking place considering this bridesmaid.

3. Go to the bathroom

Make the most of having easy-right of entry facilities before now you depart for the venue: use the toilet, powder your nose and check that anything - we're happening for looking at you, tricky zip or annoying hair adviser that just won't stay in place - is looking fine.

4. Check you have tissues, painkillers and plasters

Plus, waterproof make-occurring and a small clutch-sized snack. Ideally, have a bag that can in addition to sticking to a few bits for the bride as in the freshen of ease, should she nonexistence you to.

5. Have a drink

Have as much water as you can - this will auspices you hydrated throughout the day ahead, as competently as in front taking place occurring. If you'on feeling a bit edgy, or as well as again-ardent happening, attempt a mug of herbal tea; and if all else fails, vodka. For more inspirations how to deal with thirst, check out the venue and its cocktail spots.

6. Calm the bride's nerves

Chances are she'll be feeling alarmed/nauseous/faint/a merger of them every portion of - therefore reassure her by helping her focus not in the disaffect and wide off from her thriving and telling her what a wonderful hours of day she's not quite to have.

7. No seriously - accretion the bathroom

We'regarding not doubting your bladder strength but...

8. Check you have everything you need

Phone charger. Painkillers. Emergency plasters. Mascara. And a snack!

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