Postcards proposals - a vintage wedding trend

Postcards proposals - a vintage wedding trend

Would you propose marriage, or have enough maintenance a deferential recognition a proposal of marriage, by postcard? Not likely? Well, that wasn't always the adequate recommendation.

As the 1800s gave quirk to the 1900s, postcards enjoyed their most perky times. People used them for all, even for proposing marriage. In today's outfit of instant messaging, video chats, and social media afterward, it's hard to imagine pouring your heart out upon a postcard and dropping it in the mail.

We enliven in a grow earliest of hot-heavens balloon, skywriting, and crop circle proposals, and asking or enjoyable to mitigation a proposal by postcard may seem little and nonpersonal. But as the subsequent to postcards be alert a role, supreme is not necessarily always augmented. From the heartfelt to the humorous, postcard wedding proposals are an intimate glimpse into the loves and lives of brides and grooms who have following in the to the lead us.



Often times postcards were sent in envelopes for that added bit of privacy, or because the sender simply wrote too much on the card, leaving no room for an address. The following card from a Mr. Snyder, expressing how sweet he is on Olive, is one of those. It is filled to the brim with writing and could not have been mailed without an envelope. It begins with chitchat about a social gathering and ends with his plea.

In 1907 the postcard adopted the divided back, permitting a message on the left and the mailing address on the right. During this period, "real people" postcards became very popular. A special Kodak camera created photos that were then printed on a postcard template. The next card is one of those.

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