Not so typical... wedding cakes

Not so typical... wedding cakes

Say "wedding cake" and what do you see? Big, creamy and probably white beauty. Most of the times that is the case. But what if we told you that you can go for something different that white cream, pink decorations and pastels on your cake? The only boundry is your imagination! Check out how other brides approached this traditional wedding dessert!

You can do whatever you want and still make it look really elegant and ceremonial. Have you ever thought of leaving your cake "naked"? Somebody has, too! Thanks to it you can see how it looks beforehand and decide - is it your kind of thing or not? Cupcakes? Donouts? Tartas, cookies, pralines? Sure thing! You can go for big, big cake or share smaller portions among your guests. Nothing's impossible. But let's maybe get to the clue and check those ideas in practice!




You see? You can go unconventional and still make it look like a cake. At last the tart is kind of cake, too, right? What happens when we decide to enjoy amazing cupcakes and donouts on your wedding reception? Well...



Aren't those colorful beauties really inspiring? We're loving them! And even we're not so brave to have it as wedding cake, one of these will definitely find their place in sweet bouffet!

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