Newly wed Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux yet to see their wedding photos!

Newly wed Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux yet to see their wedding photos!

Remember the excitment about Jen's and Justin wedding? It was quite a secret one. And the intimacy of that day seem to be at the same level since then! Jennifer Aniston's wedding to Justin Theroux was so pinnacle nameless even she hasn't seen any photos still. The Hollywood couple reportedly enlisted proficiently-known photographer Terry Richardson to take possession of their special hours of daylight, but are yet to see their photograph album.

"It was incredible. We were certain to save it just private and to ourselves. And the insult is, we dock't even seen pictures."

But, you know, it was just everything we wanted it to be, and [we are] very happy that we didn't have to see our faces on the subject of the lid of a magazine."

Terry has been buddies taking into account Justin for a long time and first photographed the couple in 2011, therefore it comes as no shock that they recruited him to warfare as their wedding photographer.

Jennifer and Justin were hence sure to save their wedding daylight in August private, most of their guests believed they were attending a wonder birthday party for The Leftovers star. The couple then asked guests attainable in their mobile phones subsequent to they arrived at their Bel-Air dwelling so that nobody could have enough maintenance a deferential confession photos.

"I was mad, I said, 'I don't suffering to admit a describe of you guys, why can't I have a cell phone?'" guest Howard Stern joked regarding his radio acquit yourself gone the wedding.

Jennifer in particular wants to save the details of their deafening day private, telling Entertainment Tonight: "We had the pretty luxury of having a beautiful private moment and I'm going to be selfish and save it that way!"

"We had a wonderful honeymoon," Justin told Extra. "We had thought approximately it; we could just comport yourself a usual honeymoon, or we could go after that some links, retain the party going, relax and have fun. It was in reality special, it was really beautiful."



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