Most memorable wedding dresses from tv shows!

Most memorable wedding dresses from tv shows!
 Hand regarding heart: We elevate a sociable TV wedding. It's the unwavering moment for a juicy "speak now or for ever and a day bond your friendship" notice, a admiration shacking in the works of two characters (hello, Monica and Chandler), or perhaps just a critical of parody of a viral video that makes us weep tears of joy and doesn't require us to sit at the singles' table.

Of course, a fine wedding storyline would be nothing without one crucial element: a killer dress. Think more or less Rhoda's ruffles, Serena's shot of gold, and Blanche's scarlet red fabric. Who hasn't fantasized about walking down the aisle in Summer Roberts' dreamy confection or even Margaery Tyrell's fancy frock? Heck, even Leslie Knope made a stack of meting out see impressive.

Hilary Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Sure, the dress itself is poufy, but that choker/pearl irate combo is magical, and one of many reasons why Banks is our energy animal. Alas, her potential groom, Trevor, died in a bungee hop industrial accident mid-proposal.

Charlotte York, Sex and the City
Charlotte had two amazing wedding gowns, but we'regarding partial to this divine, hat-sleeved foundation from Badgley Mischka.

Blanche Devereaux, Golden Girls
A white wedding? Ha. Heartbreaker Blanche Hollingsworth wed her late husband George in this fiery number, which she would attempt to fit into subsequently a year.

Claire Randall, Outlander
Should we ever have the opportunity to jump in a period machine and profit married in 1700s Scotland, we'd totally go for this low-scratch, broad-hipped, metallic produce an effect-stopper. Still impressive, would make amazing look for wedding in manor even today!

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation
We DIY! Campaign flyers, meting out, and newspaper clippings formed a skirt for this impromptu dress. So delectable, for that marginal note crafty  much in addition to Amy Poehler.


Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother
Barney's missus tied the knot in a pretty Monique Lhuillier gown following gauzy sheer sleeves. Think the detailing as regards the waist was a shoutout to Robin Sparkles?

Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty
Mode's creative director spared no expense for her wedding venue but  to Bradford Meade, walking the length of the aisle in a custom Vera Wang foundation and tapping Posh Spice as a bridesmaid.

Lady Rose, Downton Abbey
Talk roughly a Cinderella moment. Lily James amazed in this vintage dress. Fun fact: The dress was discovered in a society shop.



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