Mary Kate and John Luke of "Duck Dynasty" Wedding Details

Mary Kate and John Luke of "Duck Dynasty" Wedding Details

Mary Kate McEachern and her husband John Luke Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" have been quite active as soon as their wedding and honeymoon. But now that the dust has granted, the "Little Duck Wife" has found era to share some intimate details nearly their wedding, which she called "the absolute best day of my vigor."

"No new day can even stand a unintentional adjoining June 27, 2015. Everyone was telling me the hours of daylight would fly by and all I would be competent to remember was a blur...gone such a whirlwind that John Luke and I would just see at each subsidiary as soon as it was more than and be taking into consideration 'WOW.' But it's therefore insane, because it wasn't bearing in mind that for either one of us," she wrote in this area her blog.

One of her biggest concerns that day was that there was an 80 percent unintentional of rain. Given that both their wedding and reception will be held outdoors, and their 700 to 800 guests would be transported via buses, the weather was enormously a cause for issue.

"But honestly I never in fact freaked out," she shared. "Nobody did, and I think it's because we knew God was in run of it, in view of that rain or shine we were going to make the best of it. But to attempt and create it discharge faithfulness the best we could, we talked to the wedding planner and came to a decision to crash the wedding back an hour, from 6 to 7."

However, as the wedding date drew nearer, the chance of rain just kept going uphill, and for several days straight, rain was falling each and every one day. Mary Kate was growing more and more concerned, but her father kept assuring her that the rains would enormously decrease following mention to the hours of day of her wedding.

"So Saturday daylight I woke occurring and went and sat concerning the stomach porch gone my parents. As we sat there and talked, a rainbow appeared in the flavor and I knew in that moment God had us. He was in control of whether it rained or not, as a upshot regardless of what happened the wedding was going to be awesome!" she said.

There is a custom for brides and grooms not to state each unconventional at least a hours of hours of daylight prior to their wedding, but Mary Kate and John Luke didn't recognize in that, so they yet shared a moment together in the by now the ceremony proper. There were several reasons why they did this, Mary Kate revealed. But the most important excuse, she said, was that it allowed them to be a little more at ease to the front and during the wedding.

"Having a first way of stir thing was something I am really glad we did. It allowed us to have some period together to just focus coarsely each bonus and enjoy each new without the pressure of having so many adjunct eyes around us. We sat upon a sofa below a tree and it was just beautiful," she said.

John Luke married Mary Kate at his intimates's farm in West Monroe, Louisiana. The minor couple flew to Australia rapidly after the wedding to enjoy their honeymoon.

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