Magnolia is love... Check what your bouquet says to you

Magnolia is love... Check what your bouquet says to you

So you're choosing flowers for all the floral decorations and your dreamt wedding bouquet. What you like is a really individual thing, but flowers, like almost all elements of wedding, have their own, unique meaning. Maybe after reading that you'll know what particular type of flower you don't want on your wedding? Or maybe you'll get absolutely convinced about your choice. Check yourself and just remember not to loose head over what flowers try to tell you.

Meaning: Expectation
Best For: Bouquets and arrangements
Floral Fact: Anemones bloom in either single or double blossoms

Calla Lily
Meaning: Magnificent beauty
Best For: Bouquets and arrangements
Floral Fact: This large tropical flower is very popular in weddings.

Meaning: Wealth, abundance, truth
Best For: Bouquets and arrangements
Floral Fact: Mums come in several varieties, which determine their size and color. The name literally means "golden flower."

Meaning: Innocence
Best For: Bouquets
Scent: Very fragrant

Meaning: Purity, joy
Best For: Bouquets and boutonnieres
Scent: Very fragrant

Meaning: A message of faith, wisdom
Best For: In arrangements or potted
Floral Fact: Irises come in several sizes; they are usually blue or white, but you may find exotic varieties (including purple ones).

Meaning: Love's first emotions
Best For: Filler in arrangements or as part of bouquets, depending on variety
Scent: Very fragrant
Floral Fact: The local lilac is grown like a bush, and is used as filler because of its greenery. The French lilac is more flower-like and can be used as such in bouquets and arrangements.

Meaning: Majesty, truth, honor
Best For: Bouquets and arrangements
Scent: Fragrant

Lily of the Valley
Meaning: Happiness
Best For: Bouquets, in combination with other flowers
Scent: Fragrant
Floral Fact: These small, fragile, bell-shaped flowers are considered traditional marriage flowers.

Meaning: Love of nature
Best For: Arrangements
Scent: Depends on variety
Floral Fact: Magnolias are more common in Southern-style weddings, as most magnolia trees grow in the South.

Meaning: Love, beauty
Best For: Bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres
Floral Fact: This exotic flower comes in a variety of colors and sizes

Meaning: Love, joy, beauty
Best For: Bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and arrangements
Scent: Lightly fragrant to very fragrant, depending on variety
Floral Fact: Roses are the most popular wedding flowers.

Meaning: Lasting beauty
Best For: Filler in arrangements
Scent: Very fragrant
Floral Fact: Stock can be found in many colors to complement and fill out arrangements.

Meaning: Love, passion
Best For: Arrangements and bouquets
Floral Fact: These sweet and stately flowers can be found in a myriad of colors, but they are very fragile.

Unfavorable Flowers

It's sad but true: You might want to avoid certain flowers (if you're superstitious, that is). On the other hand, you can always thumb your nose at history and ascribe your own meaning to these "questionable" blooms. Here are the so-called negative indicators:

  •     Christmas Rose: Scandal
  •     Fig: Idleness
  •     Foxglove: Insincerity
  •     Larkspur: Infidelity
  •     Lavender: Distrust
  •     Marigold: Grief
  •     Mulberry: I shall not survive you
  •     Raspberry: Remorse
  •     Red Carnation: Alas for my poor heart
  •     Red Poppy: Consolation
  •     Rhododendron: Danger
  •     Striped Carnation: Refusal
  •     White Poppy: Sleep
  •     Yellow Carnation: Disdain
  •     Yellow Chrysanthemum: Slighted Love
  •     Yellow Lily: Falsehood
  •     Yellow Rose: Jealousy

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