Lavender wedding - beautifully subtle & romantic

Lavender wedding - beautifully subtle & romantic
 You can smell spring in the air, but it's not there yet... is it me or lavender is perfect blend of leaving winter & signal of soon coming spring? It's quite cold, but not as cold as wintery grey, white & blue. For me it's perfect for weddings that take place in between winter and spring. Enjoy getting inspired!

Get the ball rolling from the off by including a sprig of pressed lavender in your wedding invitations.
Let's begin moreover than the dress. Lavender wedding gowns are straightforwardly irresistible - indulgent, elegant and ever-for that defense-slightly bohemian. If you don't fancy lavender yourself - choose cute dresses in matchy-matchy shades for striking photos.

The best thing roughly a periwinkle bouquet? You can engross it subsequent to changing shades and hues of the colour - as skillfully as endless swap types of blossom, too. Sprigs of lavender in the confront will pay for a subtle (and fragrant!) response towards your colour palette...

FYI, lavender is considered to bring subsidiary luck to a wedding reception - hence entertain plantpots once than fresh sprigs for a endearingly perfumed access towards tradition. Pretty paper lanterns will mount taking place a wisdom of whimsy to a rustic wedding venue - get your hands on in varying shades of periwinkle for a gorgeous ombre.

Also: think lavender arrangements for your tablecentres. Instead of paper confetti, arm your guests when cones of spacious lavender. Your favours? Fragrants parcels of lavender soap - accessory brownie points if you hand-make it!

Display candles in jars filled behind auditorium lavender for a heavenly perfume subsequent to no new.  Purple-iced cake pops will save your guests glad as they wait for the wedding reception to begin.


As for the wedding cake itself - think sprigs of roomy lavender adorning buttercream-iced tiers of perfection. Delicious. Lavender-infused cocktails = inspired. Cheers!

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