Jimmy Choo's gorgeous wedding shoes for 2016!

Jimmy Choo's gorgeous wedding shoes for 2016!

Jimmy Choo's heels never got us disappointed - those small masterpieces are dreams of every fashion lover. So when it comes to launching new bridal collection there's nothing else to say that we're super excited and fully satisfied with what we see! If only we could be waring a par of those one day... Enjoy!

Those gorgeous, small masterpieces will make every bride feel like a princess. They're so chic, classy, elegant and simply gorgeous!


Question is - do you want to hit a high note and purchase a pair that will be your wedding pari - exclusively - or maybe dare to buy a more universal one and enjoy your nights out in your Jimmies? Now that's a tough choice, but either way - you're a winner.

Staying fouces on this amazing collection - we're especially in love with those 20s inspired heels that will definitely stun your wedding guests - well, at least the feminine part of your wedding.

Just don't forget about taking a deep breath before falling in love - make sure your wedding venue is an appropriate place to wear given pair. You don't want to be nasty disappoinyted, do you?


Unfortunately, if you make a wedding in garden, you must take into account that you might have difficulties wearing them with a pleasure. Well, we've got quite far away in our predictions - for now, just love the collection as we do!

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