How to get the most out of the UK Wedding Show

How to get the most out of the UK Wedding Show

Bridal fairs help you prepare for your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the fair. Draw up the battle plans before you engage at the wedding fair. Make a checklist of the required services, accessories and design questions; this will help you to get the best out of the UK Wedding Show. We’ve listed some tips to have a nice day at the UK Wedding Show. Be sure you’re prepared and have some fun!

        1.Many exhibitors of the UK Wedding show have features on their website, from top tips to competitions. It’s always worth knowing about these in advance. You can find all the exhibitors on the UK wedding show website, and you can also find their discounts and promotions! And do be cheeky, ALWAYS ask the suppliers about the show offers. If you don’t ask, you won’t get!

Tip: if you have a wedding moodboard, take it with you. That way the supplier can see what theme and atmosphere you want for your big day. If you’ve already purchased your gown, bring a colour swatch; this can be useful when browsing for jewellery and accessories.

        2.Decide what your aim is in attending the show. Are you looking for photographers? Find out in the free guide where they are situated and visit as many as you can. Be sure to research their websites and portfolio, so you have an idea of what questions to ask. This way when you meet them at the wedding show, you will already have a good knowledge of their work and qualifications. If you’re interested in a particular service after your initial chat, be sure to get current contact information, including the name of the person you’re speaking to.

TIP: Bring a notepad and a pen with you to the show! There are about 100 suppliers at the UK Wedding Show, that you can’t remember all the names and contacts when you get home. A good tip is to make some notes after you’ve spoken with different suppliers, that way you can recall the company and the person you’ve spoken with.

        3.Please oh, please try to wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to be walking for HOURS! You don’t want your feet to hurt after only two hours; you won’t be able to enjoy the stalls you haven’t seen yet.

TIP: Comfortable shoes are not the only tip we can give. Wear some comfortable clothes too, nothing worse than having to pull up your pants every 5 minutes. And don’t put on your skinny jeans, you still have to be able to eat cake!

        4.The show is going to be wonderful and a lot of suppliers will offer you flyers and  business cards, but you need to be tough and say no to some of them. Only take leaflets from exhibitors you’re actually interested in, otherwise you’ll be dragging some trees with you for the entire show and the ride home.

TIP: Bring a large bag, backpack or even carry-on with you. You are going to receive a lot of brochures, flyers and free magazines. Also you’re probably going to exchange some business cards, so be sure to bring a case to keep the ones you collect and hand out.

        5.Be sure to cover the whole of the show and not skip any aisles. You travel a long way to attend, so why not make the most of it? You might have everything booked for your wedding yet, but you might still find a hidden gem of a supplier.

TIP: One of the best tips we can give you is to bring a companion. Someone to bounce ideas off or keep you from making impulsive decisions you may regret later. Visit one of the wedding shows with a friend and another one with your fiancé. (that way you still give him the illusion that he has input for the wedding, while you know that you’re actually in charge)

        6.Don’t forget to have fun! Treat yourself! A wedding show is the first step of your wedding journey, so you need to make the most of it. Stop at the champagne bar and eat that cake sample. Let yourself go and enjoy!

        7.After the show and your trip home, go through all the leaflets and flyers you took from the show and decide (with or without your hubby) which you want to follow up with. DO not delay; good suppliers book up quickly, so if you leave it too long you might miss the perfect supplier for you.

TIP: Although there will be a lot of snacks and places to stop for a small appetisers, it’s still a good idea to eat something small before attending the UK Wedding Show. That way it will keep you from stuffing yourself with mini-quiches and pieces of cake.

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