Food Truck Wedding Ideas

Food Truck Wedding Ideas

Food Truck Wedding Ideas

As one of the biggest investments and most important factors in a wedding, we determined dont speak enough just about food here not quite Bridal Musings. (Thats probably for the best even though I scoffed a supreme sack of popcorn just putting together this tally!) Weve chatted at the forefront about food trends at weddings and together surrounded by it comes to hot (meal) ticket items, hog roasts, pie pops, and dessert tables have all been growing in popularity more than the last few years. And a cool subsidiary trend is set to colleague them, its all just about the food trucks!

1. We All Scream

Fun, tasty, and the unmodified photo op, an ice-cream truck at your wedding is probably the easiest of the bunch to tug off. Theyroughly readily understandable and beautiful reasonable. While there are some situation specific ice-cream carts (when this cutie above!) which you may way to employ for a set times or price, local Mr Whippy style ice-cream trucks will often happily believe grow prehistoric away from the local seaside/park for the good intimates of a 75-cone sale.

2. Coffee Stop

Are you and your subsidiary half caffeine addicts? Why not treat your guests to your favourite pick-me-taking place at your wedding? Lots of coffee companies will send out carts or trucks to local behavior, attempt serving them subsequent to wedding cake, doughnuts, or cookies on the other hand of the typical cocktail hour.

3. Burger Bus

When it comes to street food, the burger reigns unconditional. Pulled pork, falafel, chicken or beef, chat to your caterer roughly creating your favourite combos. One tip though, perhaps opt for mini sliders rather than bigger buns, especially if its share of your cocktail hour or evening bites, rather than a main sit-the length of meal.

4. Just Desserts Yum!

As you know, dessert tables have become incredibly popular over the last year or so, the next step in this trend? Dessert trucks! Imagine how chuffed your guests would be with a truck pulled up filled with sweets, cupcakes or donuts! This is such a nice way to break up your dinner and prevent food comas from sitting down too long over your eats!

5. Bar on Wheels

We’re a little bit in love with the idea of having a bar truck at a wedding – it’s so blooming cool! If your wedding venue site doesn’t have its own bar facilities, a truck is an easy and less-expensive way of managing the logistics, while also making a fun feature for your guests.

6. Chip Van

Is there any greater late night snack than the mortify French fry? We dont think even if. Keep it easy considering your local fish and chip van for the wee hours, or go for gourmet when than some chic chip cones at your cocktail hour. Our personal favourite? A gravy-laced poutine, theres no finer street food after youve spent the night regarding the dancefloor!

7. Pizza Party

Weve noticed a bit of a trend for pizza living thing served at weddings lately, and why the heck not. Its delicious, its affordable and its versatile pro youin the region of *as regards* guaranteed all your guests will high regard it. Choose a selection of options for meat-eaters and veggies, and dont forget a gluten simple or vegan substitute if you dependence them too. Dish it out by the slice, or add-on in report to the boxes for your guests to allocation, include for casual wedding dining.

8. Taco Truck

We exaltation tacos! And by the looks of lots of the menus we see from our legal weddings, you guys exaltation them too! While there arent as many taco trucks upon this side of the Atlantic, theyin this area upon many a street corner in cities across the US. Self-contained and easy(ish!) to eat standing occurring, these make tasty, laid in the to the lead happening eats for cocktail hour, or a fun calculation occurring occurring to a fiesta style buffet.

9. Doggy Bag

We just cherish the idea of a couple hopping out of their wedding car in all their regalia to grab a loving dog en route to the reception. But why not share the adulation and bring the hot dog cart to your guests otherwise? Set going on a station when ketchup, onions and mustard, and tolerate your guests dig in. We cant think of a more fun wedding hours of day snack.

10.Pie Time

Okay so pies aren’t very well-known Stateside but over here in England, they’re a pretty big deal! We’re not talking apple or pecan either, we’re talking beef and stout, chicken and leek or feta and squash (we’re hungry at the thought of it!) Pie, mash and gravy will be a big hit with your guests, and provide a hearty feed to keep them going ’til the wee ones on the dancefloor.

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