Easter time pastel wedding inspirations

Easter time pastel wedding inspirations
 If you're feeling like you've just left the Christmas Eve's table... you're not alone. The time seems to have passed so quickly and Easter is already here! But, to be honest, we won't say a word of complaint - with Easter time, the sunny, bright and long days have come as well! And we're loving it. Easter time and beginning of spring is a perfect time to get inspired and share happiness on your wedding day. Pastels and Easter-related details seem to be made for lovely wedding ceremonies. It doesn't have to be so literal - but why not incorporate bunny details, pastel bows, or fresh spring flowers? Check out how we see the Easter wedding!

 Let's be honest - there's no Easter without eggs decorations. Aren't they cute though? Small and cute little details can brighten up the table or anything that needs to be decored. If the decorations follow one particular theme - that's perfect too, as they can become anything you want!

The wedding venue wants to be bright, sunny and warm! Fresh floral decorations will make such a good job. But don't forget to include candles in shape of little sweet lamb to complete your Easter theme!

Did you think that bunny-shaped details will look... silly? We bet you'll fall in love with lovely animal here and there around your wedding barn or any other place you hold your special day ceremony!

It's, again, all about pastels. Early spring loves first, delicate rays of sun. Also, fresh, subtle rains make little, tiny blades of grass grow... Ok, we love spring, as you can see, but it's really special time of year and no other season deserves to be highlighted by adding pastels everywhere. If you're not as radical as we are, you can always smuggle small details in colours of pastel shades.

It's always ideal time for brides to be as ethereal and subtle as possible! Become long-haired, fragile princess and you'll know everything on your wedding will suit this look perfectly! Boho wedding venues will compose with this kind of wedding theme.

Hope you're as happy about spirng as we are! Enjoy this amazing time and amazing holiday of Easter. If you decide to celebrate it by incorporating related details - that's perfect. If you're gonna need just a tiny piece - that's fine, too. Enjoy!

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