All white cakes - winter wedding inspiration

All white cakes - winter wedding inspiration

What's better way to capture the romance of a winter wedding than with cold-weather blooms covered in a light blanket of snow? Snowdrops can be sculpted out of gum paste and the marzipan-coated tiers are dusted with powdered sugar. Beneath the surface, chocolate-almond cake is paired with Grand Marnier buttercream. Serve slices with brandy or hot apple cider to add to the winter-wonderland vibe. All white cakes' time is winter, so give them a try and get inspired!

Make your guest feel the most of magical winter time with stunning all-white wedding cake. Not only are they perfect to highlight winter atmosphere, but they're also the most elegant option of all cakes variants. Just look at them, one can't resist!


Did you choose to keep the cake as simple as possible, or rather opprosite? Above you can find gorgeous inspirations for richly decored cakes which will look like small (or not?) masterpieces. Who dares to eat them?

Isn't it the fact that white cake will also be... sooo tasty? White coverage make of whiped cream or marzipan... Coconout, almond or pistachio flavoured. We're in!

Depending on your imagination you can make a perfect fit to any theme of the wedding. Just imagine amazing, magical, rustic wedding set in the woods... Isn't white, a little bit messy and wild cake a perfect match? Sure it is!  What about chic and vintage wedding? Elegant and classy white cake is a must. It's just so perfect!

Hope you're feeling inspired & in the mood for stunning white cake!


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