A very special & spooky wedding

A very special & spooky wedding

Keeping up with Halloween theme... This couple knows how to make a wedding super-unique! Megan and Russel looked incredible on their spooky wedding and give a good example of how to deal with unconventional wedding ideas!


The couple donned colourful outfits to tie the knot approximately October 31 at Leicester Register Office at the town hall. Bridegroom Russell, 29, wore a red offensive ornamented subsequent to black bats even if bride Megan, 24, dressed in scarlet. Valigene Hubbard, the mom of the groom, got in almost the accomplishment by wearing a long red and black wig topped bearing in mind a witch's hat fascinator.

Office worker Russell, who lives off Hinckley Road in Leicester in addition to Megan, said: "We just wanted to make the day a bit adjunct special. "It seemed a fun idea to select Halloween to profit married and to hug that by dressing occurring in fancy dress. "We are both fairly higher characters suitably an 'interchange' wedding daylight seemed take control of." The couple met not in the distance off from an online dating site in May 2013 and hit it off rapidly.

Megan, moreover an office worker, said that in description to their first date, a week fused, Russell had to meet her mum and dad. She said: "My parents are beautiful but then a bit 'out there' and I was more agitated than Russell. "He came to the ablaze and we had a drink to the lead going to a Death Metal gig. "We clicked instantly. It was as if Russell was the man I had been waiting for. "When we chatted we realised that we both should have been upon subsidiary dates that night but anyhow just had to be together." Russell said: "That night we kissed and it was magic. Megan is my soulmate and I environment hence lucky to have found her."

Russell's mum Valigene said: "I was greater than glad to profit a bit dressed happening for the wedding. "They are a beautiful couple and it's comfortable to see them tune their individual style. "We were horror-struck that appropriately many people dressed occurring too. It was a joy to behold. "After this day there is no excuse for Russell to forget his wedding anniversary."

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