9 Steps To Make You Garden Wedding Venue as Magnificent as Jennifer Aniston's!

9 Steps To Make You Garden Wedding Venue as Magnificent as Jennifer Aniston's!

In a era considering beyond-the-zenith celebrity weddings (cough, cough Kim Kardashian & Kanye West cough, cough) seem to be the norm and the pressure of achieving Pinterest level perfection can vibes overwhelming to even to the most relaxed brides, Jennifer Aniston's out cold the radar backyard nuptials were a breath of fresh consent to breathe.

The decor seemed to perfectly reach agreement her red carpet style: easy, tidy, and (of course) delightfully understated.

Yes, America's sweetheart nailed it... again. If Jen's intimate wedding ceremony left you inspired to appeal together your own at-habitat affair, don't disturbance, I'll be there for you! Here's my list of must-have items to recreate the magnificent venue for your huge day.


1. Moroccan Pouf: Nothing says the length of-to-earth in the setting of trading formal dining chairs for these comfy cushions.

2. Garden Stool: Interspersed throughout the seating areas, these garden stools paired taking into account the Moroccan poufs offer a relaxed, organic vibes. You can plus use them as a fun, affordable alternating to a period-privileged side table for guests to place their drinks and apps. The decorations are essential to create a magical atmosphere, but if you already have it all planned and still are looking for a perfect wedding venue, you can flee to the wedding venues catalogue.

3. Teak Ultimate Bar: Because cocktails just taste greater than before subsequent to than they'concerning served from a bar that's this cool.

4. Neutral Outdoor Pillows: Choose cozy understated accent pillows to make a tidy, inviting character.

5. C Teak Side Table: Lightweight and user-approachable to concern, you can regulate the setup of your outdoor lounge place throughout the night.

6. Concrete Top Round Fixed Dining Table: The contrast of the grey genuine plus the natural wood base makes for a gorgeous assimilation.

7. Ultimate Lounge Cabana: With a cabana in your backyard, everyone's a VIP.

8. Twinkle Gold String Lights & Flameless Pillar Candles: Set the feel! From the dinner table to the dance floor, the right lighting makes all the difference.

9. Patio Heaters: Perfect to save your guests hot as we head into Fall.

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